Bryan Larsen's Resumé

Bryan Larsen

  • 21 Perkins Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 7G4
  • (613) 862-7357,

Freelance Programming, Independent Projects & Open Source

  •,,,,, others
  • Javascript, Ruby, C, sh, HTML, CSS
  • Rails, JQuery, YUI, ActiveScaffold, Hobo
  • Blackfin
  • git

Magor Corporation

Kanata, Ontario
Phone based control panel software
  • Javascript, Groovy, Java, HTML
  • JETTY, SIP, Mitel

Lumenera Corporation

2002 - 2006
Ottawa, Ontario
Senior Software Engineer
Ethernet IP Video Cameras
  • Solely responsible for software design and implementation based on customer's rough specification and interaction
  • Led the team responsible for software maintenance
  • Assisted with hardware design
  • Designed and deployed initial software design process and infrastructure
  • Ported Linux to ARM SOC
  • Power on Self-Test design and implementation
  • Manufacturing System Test and Customization design and implementation
  • Worked with manufacturer to ensure reliable production
  • First employee: wide variety of business experiences, including hiring, firing, customer interaction, financial modelling, assembling
  • C, Javascript, HTML, sh, Python, ARM & 68K assembler, C++, make
  • Linux Kernel and Drivers, U-Boot, CGI, XML-RPC, AJAX, Boa (web server), RTP/RTSP, NTP, zeroconf, ActiveX, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Twisted
  • Bugzilla, Subversion, TWiki, PyUnit, CUnit, MySQL, Apache

Analog Design Automation (currently Synopsys)

1999 - 2002
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Ottawa, Ontario
Senior Software Engineer
Analog Integrated Circuit Synthesis and Optimization Software
  • Responsible for initial design and implementation of Parts Library
  • Responsible for integration with Cadence Analog Artist
  • Led small team in an Extreme Programming development of a Synthesis Prototype
  • First employee: wide variety of business experiences, including Venture Capital exposure
  • C++, Python, TCL, CORBA, LISP
  • Cadence Analog Artist, SPICE

Vitana Corporation (DBA Pixelink)

1998 - 1999
Ottawa, Ontario
Senior Software Engineer
  • Solely responsible for design and implementation of an embedded IEEE-1394 stack
  • Project lead and customer interface for design of airline set top box
  • C, 8051 assembler

Newbridge Networks (currently Alcatel-Lucent)

1997 - 1998
Ottawa, Ontario
Junior Hardware Engineer
Time Division Multiplexing
  • Responsible for implementation of Data Multiplex FPGA and Glue Logic FPGA
  • VHDL, Schematic Capture
  • Mentor Graphics

Co-op Jobs

1993 - 1997
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan & Yokohama, Japan
  • 8051 assembler, C, C++, FORTRAN, Visual BASIC
  • Labview, COM, OLE, DLL, MFC, Watcom 4G
  • HP-UX, OS/2, MS-DOS, Data General AOS/VS

Freelance Programming & IT

1986 - 1992
Redvers, Saskatchewan
  • Custom reports and entry screens for inventory system
  • Video Games
  • Farm Accounting Software
  • Music Festival Administration Software
  • System/36, BASIC/36, 6809 Assembler, Microsoft BASIC


  • University of Regina, 1997, Bachelor of Applied Science in Electronic Systems Engineering, Honours