After getting off of the ferry last night, we had about a 10 kilometre ride to get to our campground. There was actually a campground closer to the ferry, but it was closed for the season. Thus, a 10 kilometre ride in the dark.

We made it; the campground dude told us where the washrooms were and to set up anywhere, there was lots of open space.

We picked a spot between the washrooms, kitchen and the ocean, a pleasant spot with just enough light so we could set up our tent in the dark. This went smoothly, I suppose it was a good idea to set it up once in my front room as a test!

Warm water in the shower required a two kroner coin (40 cents). We only had one between us, so we had to share. Unfortunately, two kroner does not buy a very long shower, so I ended up finishing my shower with cold water.

While in the shower, it started to rain. So, rain just as we left Haslev, and rain just as we bedded down for the night, but beautiful cycling weather in between. If only our luck could continue…

I expected the sun to wake us up early with a very warm tent, but that didn’t happen; the day was overcast and very windy.

The next day, our equipment problems continued. This time it was a flat tire on Bethany’s bike. We fixed that, and then we were on our way.

While cycling, we saw farmers harvesting onions, potatoes, corn, pumpkins and gourds. We also saw cabbage, beets, oats and hay in the fields.

Our destination was Besser Rev, a very long and skinny peninsula that shades Stavns Fjord. We couldn’t bicycle down it, we walked.

We then cycled back to the ferry. The plan was to get there in lots of time so that we could have lunch, but when we got there; nothing. Saelvig is a town with about 5 houses. So we cycled back to Samso’s main town of Tranebjerg, where we were able to find a grocery store, (we no longer had time to visit a restaurant). We also picked up some blackberries from a roadside stand; delicious!

Tonight’s destination is Arhus.