After that last comment of Bethany’s, I guess I will have to write something.

In truth, she did scare me a little. Most of our journey so far as been through rural Denmark; farmhouses and small towns very close together; a small town every 5 kilometres is very typical. This lets us see our progress on the map, and signs of civilization reassure us that if something goes wrong, we’re not very far from anything.

We expected that to continue last night, yet we had about 10 kilometres of journey through a national forest at dusk. We would have had lots of light in the open, but once inside the forest, light was poor. The path was gravelled, with lots of intersections so often we weren’t even sure we were on the right path. Gravel paths made our footing difficult, slowing us down as the sun kept getting lower and lower in the sky.

It really would have been a spectacular journey in the daytime with unloaded bicycles. A national forest in a hilly region along the coastline; it’s the kind of route that people seek out with their bicycles.

It was hard on Bethany; myself I had mixed thoughts; I was tired and stressed, but on the other hand I was sort of enjoying the “adventure”.

But we made it to our destination safely. The next morning I realized just how much I enjoyed my sleep, my breakfast and my shower, and I bet you that the bath Bethany currently has pulled is one of the best she’s had in a long time! Something about a journey like this makes those things so much more enjoyable. The time on my bicycle is great, but so is the time off of it.


  • David on 25 Sep 18:36

    Crikey, how far are you going in a day? Biking at dusk doesn't sound like fun. I assume you're sightseeing and not just merely sleeping until noon. Locals might frown on it, but I'd say forget the campgrounds. They're overrated. A secluded spot with a flat piece of ground is just as effective. It requires sneaking a shower the next morning, but that can be done too. You can make a game of finding spots. It works in both rural and urban settings. Have fun.
  • Kristie on 26 Sep 10:16

    Wow, you guys are troopers! I am impressed that you haven't started to cheat and take the train... that's what I would do! :) Take care. PS. I love reading the blog, so Bryan you better keep updating it. It definately brightens up the work day!