Let’s try and imagine the worst conditions possible for bicycling: cold, raining, a strong wind in your face, lots of hills. In reality it’s not that (it is colder than normal), but that probably explains why we are at an internet cafe rather than on the road.

The last couple of days represent 2 extremes in our cycling. 2 days ago was one of our best days yet. Coming out of Skagen, we got a relatively good start, and had a good and interesting ride for over 100 kilometres, mostly along the Danish national cycle route #1. About 20 kilometres of that was gravel, but it was good gravel. Usually “good gravel” means that we are on a dedicated cycle route; no cars allowed. The woods outside of Arhus probably would have qualified as good gravel, except we were tired, grumpy and it was pitch black! Cycle route #5 outside of Hals followed country roads, which was excellent when they were paved; horrible when not. Sometimes our maps will tell us when we are sharing with cars, sometimes it doesn’t.

Anyways, we should get back on the road. I pick up my glasses tomorrow in Thisted, and that’s over 50 kilometres away!