I thought I would journal tonight and leave Bryan doing the dishes.

We made it to Thisted tonight. For a while we really did consider stopping earlier as we were unhappy with today’s strong wind. However, we were unable to find either of the two “primitive campsites” that were along our way. We might have just pitched our tent anyway but we were in a “no fire” zone and both of us felt uncomfortable firing up our as yet unused stove to cook our meal of tomato meat sauce and rotini. So we moved on to the next campsite on our path about 20 km away; which is here in Thisted. This was our destination for tomorrow so I’m sure we will appreciate waking here. Plus our matches were a little dampened from the recent deluge and starting our camp stove would have been difficult. We do have waterproof matches, as well, but have had little luck in being able to light them. Luckily, the campsite had an electric stove so we could still cook our meal.

Bryan says to make sure I mention the wind today. Yes, it was strong. This part of Denmark is renowned for its strong westerly winds. We passed a row of tall trees which proved its consistency and strength. as the trees were inclined from the vertical 20 to 30 degrees. My grandpa remembered the winds well. Where he was born is very close to here.

When we arrived tonight, I called a distant relative who lives nearby. Unfortunately she is working the night shift this week and I will need to phone her in the morning to see if we may be able to coordinate meeting. Hopefully we will. I have met her twice before and she has taken me to see my Grandpa’s surviving cousin, Otto, who is in his mid-90s. I believe he is still doing well.

We need to pick up Bryan’s new glasses tomorrow and probably visit a cycling shop for hopefully minor repairs. I also want to cycle into the countryside to my grandafather’s kirke (church). Possibly we will stay a couple of nights here. It has been over a week of moving everyday, so staying relatively stationary for a day may be nice. Actually, cycling a day without a loaded bike would be nice. We have not decided our path from here. National route 1 runs along the western coast and is very popular for cyclists. But it seems most cycle south to north which tends to not be against the wind as often. We are considering going back to the middle of Jutland. This would be more agricultural and may have less wind. In exchange for more hills. I don’t know what is worse. Hills or wind in your face. I suppose, wind. With hills at least there is a descent at some point. Wind is incessant.


  • Birgit and Ove, Haslev on 04 Oct 12:48

    Hello you to again, It is still fun for us to follow your trip. Hope you still enjoy it, and we hope you will soon catch the good wether again. But OK you have been lucky until now. The wether in September in Denmark has been the warmest and set the record since they started to check it. However it is now raining - not unusual - for october, so we are going to Mallorca on friday - to relaxe - an enjoy the sun for a week, befor the winter is comming. We will follow you on your trip. Take care. Birgit and Ove