Yesterday was a rest day. Bethany’s knee was starting to bother her, so the timing was good.

The first thing we did after porridge and a shower was to walk into town and pick up my new glasses …

Which weren’t there. Come back tomorrow.

The library was our next stop; they have free internet for public use there; very nice. We hung out there for a couple of hours and caught up on things and updated the blog a bit. We added some images, but that was mostly Wayne’s work. Thanks, Wayne!

We then headed back to the centrum where I purchased a book, we purchased some groceries and then caught a movie. Boring, I know, but every once in a while you need a day of rest and relaxation.

This morning, after finishing my book, we once again headed into town to pick up my new glasses …

To find the lenses reversed. They put the left lens on my right eye and vice versa. We will have to wait another week!

In a couple of hours, Bethany’s cousin Annette is going to pick us up and we’ll spend about 24 hours with her before continuing our journey.


  • Marie-Elizabeth on 04 Oct 15:49

    Wow, this is going to become "The adventures of Bryan's glasses!" ;)