We are alive and well. Free internet but no ability to upload here. Thus there will be a gap in the blog that should have been posted today unless we stumble upon another resource. Keep tuned. There is more to come. The saga of the glasses continues. Let us see if it is resolved today, October 5th.


  • kristie on 05 Oct 16:01

    What I love about the Danish glasses saga is that it would only happen to Bryan. I don't know if I have ever known anyone to break so many pairs of glasses!! Kudos Bryan! Good luck with the glasses and I have included some information for you below... :) LASIK MD Laser Eye Surgery - LASIK MD Ottawa The Ottawa LASIK MD clinic is situated at: 42 Elgin Street Chambers Building Ottawa, ON See map Travel Information Phone: (613) 288-2020 Toll Free: (866) 366-2020 Fax: (613) 232-2669
  • frances on 05 Oct 22:29

    This is probably for Wayne, but thank you for updating the site. This is much easier to read, and Dad is even getting the hang of how to navigate. I don't know about the others on your email list, but your poster isn't doing a reliable job. Just like reading the end of the book and then going back to read the middle, I have been sneaking a peek at the website rather than wait for the email notification. I was aware when there should have been an email notification. I'm getting a little better than half by email. Hope you get your glasses before the lens falls out on your old one! Remember Canada and celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend. Joan is coming home, leaving Regina to the Rolling Stone Enthusiasts.
  • Marie-Elizabeth on 06 Oct 16:19

    Ya! Bryan you're really good with glasses, I remember a time when you lost your glasses in Wakefield! And you went back home to get an other pair that looked really GOOFY! Good times, good times!