3 flat tires. That’s our excuse for not making it to Billund today.

The first flat wasn’t really today; I just fixed yesterday’s flat so I’m counting it. The other two happened about 3 kilometres apart on the same wheel. Lesson learned: when you get one flat caused by a piece of glass, check your tires very carefully for more pieces before proceeding. I checked, but only cursory!

The computer gives our average speed as 13.2 kilometres. It got very hilly today; we ended up pushing our bikes up several of them. We found an information desk that sold us detailed maps; they tell us that the worst of the hills are behind us, thankfully.

Lots of rain today. We’ve got the gear to be able to handle a downpour without getting completely soaked, unfortunately you have to be wearing it all when the downpour happens. And today was one of those days where it just couldn’t decide what to do. It started out with a light rain, so we were dressed for that when we left. Then the sun came out, so we started to strip down. We knew more rain was coming so we didn’t strip down enough and got good and sweaty. Gore-Tex breathes, but only a little. And then we got a downpour, followed by light rain for about an hour. If we would have been someplace convenient to stop during the downpour we would have; it was coming down fast enough to interfere with vision. But it stopped before we could find shelter, just leaving us soaked and uncomfortable for the rest of the journey.

It may appear to all our faithful readers that we do a lot of complaining. We do, there is a lot to complain about (come on, 3 flat tires?) But we really are enjoying ourselves. The journey today was mainly through tree plantations, I saw a couple of deer and a huge anthill. And the food continues to taste better; my pretty average pizza tonight tasted absolutely delicious! When I get my hands on some excellent smorrebroed or wienerbroed… !!

I’ll leave you now so I can go to bed early so we can get an early start tomorrow, for tomorrow is Legoland!