What a fabulous day for cycling. Thunderclouds swirled around us for most of the morning and early afternoon, but in the main avoided us.

Southerly winds prevail here in Denmark, it appears, but today we were blessed with a moderate north-west wind at our backs. We didn’t exect to make it to Aabenraa today, but we did. Of course, it was dark by the time we got here, but we’re becoming distressingly familiar with the routine of finding a campground and setting up or tent at night.

Along the route we encountered many farmers mulching up corn for silage, as well as a couple harvesting potatoes. The silage wagons left plenty of mud on the roads for our bike s to bounce over!

Tomorrow hopefully marks the end of the glasses saga; they should be ready for pick up downtown.


  • Betty and Tony Peter on 10 Oct 17:15

    Hi Bryan and Bethany, It's great to hear from you - interesting reading to say the least! We had a few flakes of snow this am - hope you don't have to contend with that! Acturally it is quite nice this pm. so maybe we'll get our siding down yet. Tony, Bruce and I went to see the Rolling Stones - quite the experience but I am still not converted to their style of music! Lyla is in UK now - had a great flight and Martyn was there to meet her so she of course made him carry the 2 biggest and heaviest bags. Reports so far are positive as far as enjoying her work - apparently lots of meetings including one in London on her birthday. Kristie is coming home this weekend - found out she had a floating holiday she had to use before the middle of Oct. and had a free flight from last Christmas. Keep up the blogs and have a safe and good time. Aunt Betty
  • Frances on 10 Oct 19:45

    At last, some news. Have been wondering where you were on your journey and trying to project ahead. But ten days ahead is just too much. Thought of you all Thanksgiving. I hope you get a chance to update your maps. That really helps and makes it all the more interesting. I also hope it isn't too much work to place the pictures taken on the map. That really was appreciated. Bike on!