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I got out of bed this morning to Bryan’s exclamations of irritation. He had just showered and discovered he had DRENCHED the bathroom including the tent we had hung there overnight to dry. He said more water had been leaking out of the base of the shower head than coming through it properly. Did it ocurr to him to check why? No. Or if it did, he decided not to anyway. But mopping up and properly screwing the shower head onto the hose (it was a handheld model) I was able to have a shower without repeating the bathroom rainfall. I guess he was lucky we had heavy rain today as the tent was soaked on our bikes anyway.

The rest of the day was unevenful. We did call it an early day and actually managed to set up our tent in the light! We really have not done that often. Contrary to our original plan of not cycling in the dark, we have hit our destinations frequently after nightfall. We have become quite accostumed to finding a spot and setting up camp after the offices have closed.

Now I am going to go read the big book we have been carrying around since Heathrow. I’ve really had little time to read and I admit it I am a slower reader than is Bryan (and especially his mother).


  • Brother David on 14 Oct 16:36

    As long as the tent is dry on the inside when you need it to be. Glad you are actually reading the book you brought along. I carried a big book on Nepal with me on my bike trip and never touched it. I cut my toothbrush handle in half to save weight, but carried around a 5lb textbook. Go figure. Love the picture of the cow with the ass tag #64.