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We got an early start today, so made it to Schleswig in time for dinner. There was lots of wind, perhaps the strongest we’ve experienced so far. It was mainly a cross-wind, although we did experience some of it head on. It was raining when we left, and it was threatening to rain for most of the morning, but we mostly managed to avoid rain until we got to Schleswig.

At Schleswig they had some sort of club festival on their shopping/walking street. Lots of clubs had little booths set up to advertise themselves. Many were selling food, so that’s what we had for lunch. Lunch was some sort of root mix stew, with squash, carrots, potatoes, turnips and a little bit of pork, along with what looked like a hot dog but tasted much better. You know, it might just be the most vegetables we’ve had at a meal we haven’t made ourselves since we left Charlotte’s. Dane’s aren’t too big on vegetables. Neither are Germans, though.

After lunch, we headed down to information to try and get more cycling and camping maps. They pointed us at a book store, so we got lost there for over an hour. It was raining the whole time, so the decision was made to stay in Schleswig rather than pushing on. We then went down to the Viking museum in Haithabu. Haihabu/Schleswig was the southern border town of Denmark during the Viking period and the early middle ages, so was heavily fortified. It also got rich trading because it was the border town between the Franks, Danes, Saxons and Slavs. The fortifications were called the Danewerks or Danevirke.

There was a campground right beside the museum where we set up in the rain, and then headed to the grocery store to buy food and get some more Euros.

When people here that we’re cycling a long dstance, they often tell us the forecast. For the past while this has been fairly bleak, but people are now starting to be more optimistic, so hopefully our rainy weather should start to clear up tomorrow or the day after and return to the sun we had in September.