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Cooked crepes this morning. Bethany really likes them, but with a small frying pan, it takes a long time to cook enough of those thin little things to satisfy the hunger of two cyclists. I probably spent an hour and a half preparing, cooking and cleaning!

Between that, folding our laundry and Bethany sleeping in, we ended up with another late start. It was unfortunate because the strong east wind from yesterday has continued into today.

Heavily overcast skies has been making everything dreary again. I can’t remember the last time we saw the sun.

An excellent day for cycling though. The ground is excessively flat, and with the wind at our backs, our speed is impressive. Basically we were going the same speed today as we would on a normal day without gear.

Another flat tire towards the end of the day. This time it was my front tire; my back tire has gone two full days without a flat; cross your fingers, it looks like I finally got that one right.

We thought about taking advantage of the wind and going until dark, but decided against it and stopped an hour before dark. An hour before dark is only six o’clock these days. Part of the reason for stopping was because we noticed a couple of nice restaurant. We had a fabulous 4 course fish meal. The Netherlands perhaps might be cheaper than Denmark, but we are going to miss German prices. Food in Germany may even be cheaper than in Canada.


  • Myrna on 23 Oct 11:01

    Hi Bryan & Bethany - many thanks for all the info. I do hope this email gets to your blog! Glad to hear that you have a few adventures to keep each day interesting! How many even get crepes on their holidays - like home cooked ones! Give yourself a pat on the back. Most of our snow has now gone - it arrived last Monday. We went to a Polka dance - but a bit of a misnomer as they did play a variety of tunes. Now a new week ahead of us. Once again thanks - enjoy - take care - be safe. M & H from 37-7
  • Trina on 23 Oct 22:41

    Hi Guys! Sounds like it's turning into quite the trip. Since I'm reading this a week late, I hope you made it to Amsterdam on time. Definately envious at you doing all that cycling! Take care, Trina.