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So this time is was with an explosive bang that Bryan’s tire went flat. Rifle shot with a visible burst of air as his side wall went. I guess it is back to his old tire (luckily he still has it) and his one remaining but heavily patched tube. We are only 30-40 km from Amsterdam and we have been hoping for the last 1000 km that we would be able to find new 20 inch tires there. Let us hope we are right. One good thing about going on the cruise for a week is that a tire should have time to be ordered.

Slowish start this morning. Our bright blue skies and wind have been traded for drizzly rain and less wind. It is fairly warm today, though, so I don’t mind blogging under the eves of a closed restaurant while Bryan fixes his tire.

What can I say about the Netherlands? The people are friendly and we have had more interaction and longer conversations here than anywhere else during our trip. Of course, it helps that most people speak flawless English.

OK. Going to finish up for now. Bryan’s tire is fixed and we are ready to go onwards.