Well Belgium is a new country for me but I have shamefully not yet set foot upon shore even though it is 8pm! Sunday is a day of rest. We’ve used that excuse before. The boat docked at 1pm but by then Bryan and I were so engrossed in our books that we had little incentive to get up and get going. I finished my book earlier than Bryan and napped and eventually scavenged a meal from the on-board restaurant (actually very good) and brought it back to room for Bryan to decorate my sheets. A couple of pages left in his book he was kicked out of the room by one of the staff who had come to change the bedding at my request. Now he has gone to shower but has yet to return to the bar to finish his Bitter Lemon. I wonder if I should be checking on him as it has been a long time. Hmm.

Well at least we are back in Antwerp in a couple of days. It looks beautiful from the boat.