More pictures have been uploaded to flickr . I really should intersperse some in my articles, but this blog is taking enough time as it is.

We have saved the full resolution versions of these photos, if you want to print one, contact us and we’ll email it to you if we’re somewhere we have high speed access.


  • Dave on 17 Sep 18:35

    Great pictures. Bryan I'm assuming some of the pictures are of your family. Some of Bethany's family too? Thanks for the pics and update. Have fun stay safe.
  • Myrna & Hughie on 22 Sep 11:41

    Hi Bryan & Bethany - enjoyed your photos - I finally got them "across". It is raining here today - has been wet for a good week or so. Do continue having a great time - take care & have a safe time ahead. CHeers - M & H