We’re enjoying reading the comments. Hadn’t heard about the riots in Copenhagen; Bethany did notice a newspaper cover that looked a little weird, but we’re a little cut off from the world here, not being able to read Danish beyond a menu. Of course, that’s on purpose, but…

If you haven’t noticed by now, we’ve been composing our updates off-line and uploading them once or twice a week, and having the blog dole them out to you once a day. For instance, right now we’re in Ferittslev, but you won’t hear about that for a while! We can’t dole out the pictures, though, so that jumps ahead.

More pictures at Bethany’s Flickr

[Note from wayne:] I’ve updated some of the entries to include maps, hopefully that’ll help those following along at home figure out where exactly they are! (I know I’ve been confused!). Oh, and the comment box should now be a reasonable size, so no excuses for not leaving a nice comment!

Cheers, Bryan & Bethany


  • Bruno on 27 Sep 09:23

    Hey Brian and Bethany! I love to read your blog, your guys are having real adventures, and I did not know that a cycling trip could have so many challenges. The path you’re taking seems to be fantastic, keep riding and writhing. Cheers, Bruno
  • Lyla on 27 Sep 11:34

    One thing I have learned from your adventures; If I ever take a cycling trip I will makes sure to have a good kickstand...
  • Birgit and Ove on 27 Sep 12:56

    Hello you to. It is nice to se that you keep up the good traveling. We think the problems in Copenhagen you read about was som young people who were fighting with the police because the want to keep their place were they can stay together, they will not leave the house - even that is is sold.
  • Marie-Elizabeth on 27 Sep 22:04

    Hi Brian and Bethany, I'm really enjoying reading your adventures on this blog. Now I know what it's like to read someone else's adventure!! Hope you'll comment more on my next trip Brian ;) You guys make the most out of it. I really do admire you for doing this. Go go go!!