As you all can tell, this blog has been stagnating. Sorry about that. Maybe someday I’ll actually finish off those articles that are sitting around in draft form unpublished.

In the meantime, I’ve started a new tumblelog at . It’s much less interesting in that it contains no new content, just links and snippets. However, it’s a lot easier to post a simple link than it is to create a new blog entry, so it should actually get posts more than once a month! It’s mainly just links that I think Bethany would find interesting, and a few others that creep in just because I can’t resist. So unless you have interests that are similar to Bethany and mine (hi Sis!) or are overly curious about what I’m up to (hi Mom!), you can probably find better link aggregations out there. But check it out anyways!

I’ve deleted some comment spam and signed up for akismet so it shouldn’t happen again.


  • David on 08 Mar 19:21

    Here’s a post for you and Bethany. It’s a bit different from your experience in Europe, but still uncannily similar. Fortunately you had your gear with you.

    Sorry for the lack of hyperlink.