We’ve arrived safedly in New Zealand. Like before, we will be blogging regularly.

We’ll set things up on a bit of a delay so that you get new blog entries once a day. So check back frequently!

We’ll also try to regularly upload photos to Flickr and to Facebook. We’ve taken 361 pictures so far already, and we just got here! Once we get a chance to sort through them, check out our Flickr set

We’ve picked up a mobile phone here in New Zealand. You can call us at 01164 212158948 if you need to get a hold of us and we happen to be within range of a cell phone tower. New Zealand is five hours behind and one day ahead of Saskatchewan.

We picked up a Nokia N810 to blog and transfer pictures with. We’ll check email whenever we run across WIFI or an internet cafe, so email may be the best way to contact us. We will definitely be incomminicando for days at a time, though!

I hope you enjoy our New Zealand blog.