Bryan from Christchurch

We didn’t do much today – Bethany and I are both coming down with colds, so we aren’t too energetic.

We spent several hours booking transportation, accomodation and activities for the next week. New Zealand has a great network of tourist information sites that are very helpful booking these sorts of things.

Today was also a national holiday so the i-site was very busy and many stores were closed. We were lucky and did find a silk double sleeping bag liner – we’ve been looking for one of those for years!

We had one major piece of bad luck today – Bethany’s fancy new lens that she bought for the trip broke today while the camera stores were closed. And today was the last time we’ll be in a major city for a while. And the big advantage of this particular lens is that we’d only need one lens.


  • Farha McMillan on 08 Jan 16:09

    Oh no, colds and another trip with broken glass. Hope you guys are feeling better and the lens is fixable.