Bryan from Wellington

We seem to have misplaced our “Sea Legs” anti-nausea drugs, so we were in kind of worried this morning.

After collecting our laundry from the line and packing up, we headed into central Nelson to catch the bus. We ran into a lady who was walking in the same direction and we had a pleasant chat with her. She offered to show Bethany where she could pick up another Compact Flash card while I picked up breakfast and our bus tickets.

Sure enough, the road to Picton was very windy and Bethany did not enjoy the trip. So when we got to the ferry terminal, Bethany set off in search of drugs. She did find some herbal stuff with ginger that helped a little bit.

The ferry ride was not as nice as it could have been. It was a very cloudy day and it was fairly windy. We ended up sleeping for most of the journey.

When we got into Wellington we rented a car – no more buses! After finding our hotel room we walked down Cuba street. Supposedly this is supposed to be party central, but I think we were a little bit early. We did encounter a couple of stagettes at the wonderful Mexican restaurant we ate at. If you ever get a chance to try goat cheese cake I highly recommend it!

Tomorrow we try out our new car to drive out to New Plymouth to see an old friend of Bethany’s father.