I imagine that most of you know this by now, but I proposed to Bethany on Christmas Eve, and she accepted! We are going to be married in Saskatoon sometime after harvest is over.


  • Claudia on 02 Feb 10:20

    Yes! Congratulations again Bryan! Best wishes to Bethany!
  • Marcelle on 06 Feb 22:20

    Congratulations and love to both of you! It is good to see you are blogging again - gives me something to do on these cold days! Hope to see you soon.
  • Marie-Elizabeth on 15 Feb 19:45

    Congratulations! I'm oh soooooo happy for you guys. I wish you all the happiness in the world! Take care!!! :)
  • Mary Ellen on 02 Mar 18:06

    Wow..so this is what happens when you don't get a chance to read someone's blog very often. Congratulations to you both. Bryan, I am so pleased that you have found someone special, and expect that after the test of travelling together, marriage will be a breeze! MEP