Full stack: from circuit design to CSS. From bootloader to React. From database to Kubernetes.

Career Highlights

  • Very early employee or cofounder at 4 startups
  • 30+ years of Unix and programming experience
  • Video game in assembly language sold to distributor at 14 years old
  • 14 function motor controller in 4KB Rom and 53 bytes RAM
  • Ported Linux and bootloader to poorly documented Japanese ARM SOC
  • Lead maintainer of popular open source web framework
  • Bare metal Kubernetes GPU multi-cluster
  • Ported git to OSX
  • Electronic Engineering degree with honours.

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Areas of Expertise

Over 10 years of experience in each of 3 areas:

  • DevOps: Kubernetes, Docker, GCP, AWS, Webpack, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Prometheus, Make, Jenkins, SQLite, sh, Bash, Selenium, TCL, Git
  • Full Stack WebDev: React, Typescript, Javascript, CSS, CGI, Ruby, Rails, Node.js, SQL
  • Embedded: Rust, C, C++, Linux Drivers, U-boot, ARM/68K/8051 assembly, Circuit Design, VHDL

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