Birgit and Ove took us for a drive today. The first place we saw was Vraby, the place where my great grandparents grew up. We saw their house, still in use, but it was fairly treed in, so we did not get a good view. We also saw the house next door which Birgit and Ove built many years ago. Then we checked out Vraby Kirke, the church where my great-grandfather worked as a bell ringer. A beautiful little church, it was built between 1250 and 1300. A trip through the cemetary showed many names known in Redvers, such as Pedersen, Olsen, Rasmussen, Jensen, Larsen and others.

From there we went to Hojerup, to visit the cliffs and the church on the cliff that has started to fall off. The cliffs are layers of chalk and flint, quite distinctive. There was a very strong wet wind coming off of the ocean, so it was fairly chilly even though the day was warm.

We followed the coastline around for a while. Most crops had been harvested, but we did see some onions, sugar beets and corn still standing. Winter wheat was starting to show in many fields. We saw farmers seeding, raking hay and putting up silage. We also ran across an antique tractor club doing some plowing. To make it really neat, there was some sort of sailboat race in the background!

The countryside was beautiful. Very neat and clean farms and yards. Most of the houses and barns were very old, although it was difficult to tell as the newer buildings were generally built in a classic style. Many thatch roof houses.

When we came home, Birgit made us a very Danish meal: frikadeller (Danish meatballs), red cabbage, gravy and potatoes. Delicious.

Tomorrow we will have to get an earlier start. We plan on going to camp overnight on the island of Samso, and the last ferry leaves at 18h00, and appears to be about 90 kilometres away. Wish us luck!