Today’s pictures on flickr

Success! They weren’t ready when we got to Profil Optik, but an hour later I was the proud possessor of a pair of glasses without a cracked lens!

We had a couple of other errands to run today, so we decided to make today a rest day.

We unloaded the bicycles to head downtown today. It’s such a relief to pedal around without 25 kilos of baggage hanging off the bicycle. Aabenraa is quite hilly, so that goes double.

Tomorrow we leave Denmark, the border is less than 50 kilometres away. There’s lots of German here in Aabenraa, the city has changed hands several times over the centuries.

We’re going to see a movie tonight: Snakes on a Plane, which is our only choice for subtitled movies. Cars has been overdubbed, since it targets children. It’s well past summer, but Denmark is now getting Hollywood’s summer movies. No wonder piracy is bigger outside of North America.

We’re going to get back to the campground late, which probably means a late start tomorrow morning. We’ve got some laundry to finish and some stuff to rearrange. It would have been a nice day for cycling today, but it’s raining now, so here’s hoping….


  • Sheila on 12 Oct 18:05

    Glasses look good!!Kirby now has a lot of "Danish" frames as they are known around the world. Obviously frames mean more to them than lenses!! You had quite a time! auf Wiedersehen! Auntie Sheila
  • Claudia on 13 Oct 08:33

    Hey, congrats on the new lenses! it must make such a difference! Keep the pictures coming. I enjoy very much reading about your adventures and then seeing the pics... almost like I was there with you... without all the pedaling ;-)
  • Joan Larsen on 13 Oct 23:35

    I'm enjoying your stories. And the photos are wonderful. Bryan, I'm glad you have your glasses now. The first night I was in Romania I shattered one of the lenses in my glasses. I had contacts, (thank goodness) but it was still a pain! Birgit took me to see some of the same places - Stevns Klint, our ancestors home and Nyhaven, etc. Wonderful places to visit. Enjoy your tour in Amsterdam!