Now Bryan and I have definitely had huge appetites during this trip. Not surprisising as we are exercising at a level a little above our usual. I have always thought that European portion sizes are smaller than North American standards. If this is the case I have not discovered it. We have been more than satisfied despite our increased appetites. Being a vegetarian in Germany must be a challenge. Luckily I am not. Meat/fish and potatoes is the typical fare. Probably my favorite meal that I have had here was one that Bryan cooked over our stove. It was just pasta, tomatoe sauce with a frozen veggie mix, and a spicy sausage but it was wonderful and simple. Bryan likes the selection of desserts available in the bakeries here. I yearn for a Danish bakery as I tend to prefer pastries to the cake varieties baked here. At least I am over my wienerbrod cravings as my supply has run out. Wine gums I have also weened myself from. They are available here but I’ve moved on to sours and chocolate instead. We tried a dark chocolate with cherry and chilli filling. It was very good.


  • Claudia on 21 Oct 13:07

    HA! My father's family is German and even tough I was born (and so was he, for that matter) in Colombia, my basic diet while growing up was meat (lots of it)and potatoes with a little Colombian addition: rice. A regular meal would have at least one kind of meat but most likely, two or three. I've been trying -unsuccessfully or course, to become a vegetarian but my whole upbringing is so against me!