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So this time it was my fault that we didn’t go out and tour the city during daylight. We woke up and decided to have breakfast on the ship which corresponded to our docking times. However, due to our late night at the internet cafe and a degree of seasickness or a mild virus (lightheaded with some slight vertigo), I decided I needed a nap first. Which turned into almost a 4 hour sleep. Bryan was awake but decided I would eventually wake up on my own. Yes, at 5 pm. I do have to say the the cure for seasickness is probably not a prolonged sleep on a boat that is continually rocking – the moorage in Rotterdam on the Maas River is quite exposed and there are a multitude of passing boat causing wakes.

However, I did get up in a slightly wobbley way and Bryan and I headed for shore to have Greek food. Bryan had also noticed an ad for a highly reviewed Sci-Fi movie “Children of Men” so we headed out to a suburban movie theatre. We took a combination of metro and foot to get there but when the movie was finished we needed to take a taxi back as we had missed the last metro and tram going to the center.

Onwards to Amsterdam and back to being landlubbers. I think my head will be thankful.